Projekt listu protestacyjnego ws.blokady marszu niepodległości. Wersja angielska

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Szybkie tłumaczenie listu protestacyjnego w związku z planowaną blokadą marszu niepodległości. Końcówka nieco zmieniona.

We thoroughly disapprove and demand immediate and strong dissaproval of the activities of the German left-wing organisation "Antifa".

This German organisation is going to disrupt a legal demonstration in Poland, organised to celebrate the Polish Independence Day on November 11, 2011. The announcement of the "blockade" of the Polish independence march can be found on their internet site, „Naziaufmarsch blockieren! am 11.11.2011 in Warschau”

We see such an action as an unacceptable meddling of a foreign organisation and foreign state in Polish internal matters. In our opinion this situation is an international scandal.

November 11 is the Polish Independece Day. On this day we celebrate regaining our independence in 1918, after 123 years of occupation by Russia, Prussia and Austria. This day has a strong historical meaning for Poland. Any interference on this day - and especially by a German organisation - will be offensive.

The November 11 Independence Day is a day of hapiness and celebration. On this day we show how happy we are to have an inpependent country. For some of us it's also a day to show their devotion to the Church and christian values, which helped us to survive the times of occupation.

However, the German organisation "Antifa" described our Imndependence March as "nazi" and "facist".

We must therefore remind that the Nazi movement was born in Germany, and Poland was actually the first victim of the German Nazi movement. There were never any Nazis in Poland, and using such offensive words to describe our Inpeendence Day is not only a deliberate lie, it's a huge blow to Polish-German relations.

We must also point out that the German organisation "Antifa" is using symbols connected with the totalitarian communist regime. Using such symbols, just like using Nazi symbols, is forbidden in Poland. Both the Nazi and Communist regimes were totalitarian regimes, whose victims can be counted in millions of innocent people. We strongly dissaprove of ogranisations which publicly use communist symblos, since it offends the victiims of the communist regime.

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