Devil's Playground - Personal History

Obrazek użytkownika bogdan

In the meantime the System restored Nadir's blog - but
without my entries.

My last e-mail to Nadir:

Dear Friend,

Nothing has changed - look at this link:

Yes, the Canadian Police State is still upon You and I.

Both you and I know that this e-mail will be read by The Hogs
who are putting their Diabolical Snouts where they should not -
while grunting and squealing how smart they are.

Let them practice their squealing - they will need the skill.
But their time will come.

What is the best place on the planet for the Mother of All Slaughters
to take place? Of course The one and only Hog Town.
In case you don't know.
As Paris is also known as The City of Lights
and New York City - as The Big Apple
so Toronto is also known/is The Hog Town.

St. Michael The Archangel will do a thorough job to put these
Devil's Hoardes where they belong - the Squeal Skill will come in handy -
to relieve the Pain.

Best, Bogdan

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