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Why I decided to start this blog? Well - I never planned to.
On November 3rd, 2010 I was in downtown Toronto. In front of the Old City Hall building there was a man - with a banner and megaphone shouting out his message. There were a few copies of what looked like a compilation of newspaper cutouts just beside him. As I always had a personal interest in human rights I stopped and asked him to sell me one copy. He said that he was planning to publish a book with another person and gave me a small flier, with a brief note and the URL:

2 days ago I discovered that his blog was removed. Who is the man?
Nadir Siguencia:
His language is strong and emotional - but I KNOW, based on my experiences that what he describes, more likely than not, is TRUE.
This is my February 9th message to him:


Your blog disappeared - we have to meet.


This is my February 10th message to him:


Thanks for your call.

It was an honour to talk to you.

But how come that:
1) your English deteriorated
2) you forgot about your human rights abuses reader that you compiled
3) you never remembered when we met? November 3rd before the Old City Hall building.

I guess that MORONIC FUCKS had something to do with your call.

Best, Bogdan

MORONIC FUCKS = Toronto Police Intelligence Unit

Oh, by the way. There is no proof, but sooner ot later - by watching and remembering the details of what is happening around you can come to a conclusion that you are under SURVEILLANCE. And I, after a long time of "making events happen" and watching the outcomes (like a physics experiment) came to that conclusion.

Just for the record - copies of all my e-mails to Nadir.


I was by the Old City Hall yesterday.
I was interested in buying your human rights abuses reader.
You said it was 20 bucks.
I believe that you are right about the Canadian System.
From my own experiences - I call it Devil's Playground.

Contact me or I will drop by the Old City Hall on Friday - early afternoon - between 1 and 3.


I was waiting at the Old City Hall between 13 and 15 p.m.
I did not see you.

I am interested in your case.
What really happened?

What do you want to achieve?

The truth of the matter is that very few people see beyond the end
of their noses.
I once wrote a paper: "Self-interested apathy = habitual accommodation of Evil".

It takes knowledge, action plan and commitment - a lot of patience
to get anything done.
Standing at the corner - like you did - won't get you very far.
Most of the people will find you a nuisance, or even mentally unstable.

Not me. I just assume that you have been wronged - in a big way.
A great injustice has been perpetrated on you and your family.
And you react to it in a very emotional way.

There is an organization called Law Union of Ontario - I believe.
They organize conferences on the abuses of the legal system here.

So what do you want?
To right a personal wrong?
To effect positive changes to the system?
Write a book? Look - Ministry of the Attorney General has studies what should
be done. But there is no political will to do it. There are books on the pitiful state of
the Canadian judicial system. So what if nobody wants to fix it?
What would it take for anybody want to fix it?

Majority of people don't get dragged into the system and they have no clue how abusive it is.
How do you convince them to commit their time/money to effect a change?

There is a lot of stuff that you have to think through.
Good Luck!

To Be Continued

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