Devil's Playground - Personal History

Obrazek użytkownika bogdan

I, BB, resident/citizen of Canada ask UN Human Rights Commission
for protection against the Ontario Police State and its agencies.

In 1997 I was harassed/persecuted by the Ontario system through judicial proceedings.

At that time I submited a request to stand in my defence.

I can provide evidence that Ontario and its current Premier Dalton McGuinty are pursuing
policies that trample upon human rights and use all means possible to "finish" people like me.

I have a file of evidence that I will forward to the UN.

I request a UN-sponsored inquiry into the racism and systemic abuse inflicted upon citizens pursuing the
causes of Truth and Freedom. Effectively the local judicial system is a system of oppression of
any dissenters (of course I have evidence - also a local lawyer Mr. Paul Copland would provide
evidence to that effect).

Also I request a mandatory retraining program and laying of charges against Mr. McGuinty and his
cohorts and ongoing monitoring of this pseudo "Earthly Paradise" that the locals imagined themselves
they deserve and that gives them a mandate to all the wickedness that they display.


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