Devil's Playground - Personal History

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It happened again.
In Ontario - the Satan's Regent - Dalton McGuinty
won the election again.

Details in book.


"Satanic Kingdom. The Dreams of Grandeur of an undistinguished
planetary backwoods".

Outline of chapers:

1. "conceived in sin"
this country is one of the outcomes of the criminal enterprise called
the British Empire;
prof. Trotzky wrote a book and presented a convincing case that witout
the opium trafficking
profits of English trading companies in South Asia/China - there would
be no empire -
no money to fund it.

2. "we are the champions"
about the oppression/suppresion of the Natives and Quebec

3. "really the Good?"
about Toronto; in the thirties proud Torontonians - proud like in Pride Parade -
used to do things like writing on walls e.g. Sunnyside Pool: "Jews and
dogs not allowed".
etc. ; how Italian immigrants were threated in the 50ies

4. "somebody has to work"
about the PR machine selling this country abroad; and a poor bastard comes here
and it turns out that even "wielding a broom" requires "Canadian experience";
not to say outright lies by embassies staff (I got all the facts)

5. "riding on the back of Americans"
economically this country is a colony of US; and whatever they managed to do
(with the help of Americans) they will "royally screwup" - see Nortel
Networks fiasco -
sooner rather than later.

6. "we don't have a Samsung or Nokia to brag about - but we've got the greatest
Gay Pride Parade - that's why we are proud"
- the title says it all.

7. "Satan, Our Lord"

- "as long as you are not born - we can kill you with impunity"
unrestricted access to aborion - the most diabolical in the world - well -
also something to be proud of - MOST.

- "the more you kill the higher you get"
the career of the abortion business potentate, Order of Canada recipient -
a Henry Morgentaler

- "we have the world's biggest Pride Parade, let's make it event bigger"
Dalton McGuinty's EIE - the introduction of pro-homosexual education
in Catholic schools

- "we do what we want when we want it" - about Toronto Police, their violence
and sabotage of the law; the bizarre joke of civilian oversight, the death of
Otto Vaas etc.

- "the art of con" - Bernard Trottier - "community representative" -
total alienation
from the community when at the trough
- "the art of con" - Ann Andrachuk - "catholic trustee" - total
alienation form the community
when at the trough

- "Satan's Regent" - the career of a "catholic" - Dalton McGuinty


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