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Dear Community Representative,

As I received a newsletter asking for comments let me say the following
about what I think Your agenda for this electoral district should be.

Yes, we are all proud of Canada for justified or unjustified reasons, but
if I read on a Polish Catholic news portal (then verify locally) that Canada, is probably the only country
in the world where a baby can be legally murdered/aborted a day before the birth date
or that a 12 year old girl can get an abortion without the knowledge of her parents -

I BURN FROM SHAME. And so should you. What are you going to do about it?

What are you going to do about the abominable state of securities legislation -
one Devil's Playground - across the country?

Also I would like to ask you to take interest and re-open the case (pull the strings in one of the Ministries)
against 4 Toronto "bandits in uniform" policemen who viciously beat to death Otto Vaas
in August 2000. Even a cursory examination of available information indicates
that it was PERVERSION of justice - in support of the Canadian Police State
(yes I can 100% justify using these words). POLICE NEVER GO WRONG in this country.
Even if the video recording shows to the contrary. THIS HAS TO CHANGE if this country
is to live up to its undeserved reputation of "law and order" and "fairness".

Please provide me with an answer within 2 weeks - it should be enough time?

In all fairness I must let you know that this e-mail is not private - I will post it
on a blog - hosted in another country - as Toronto Police shutdown the local
one I was posting entries on (and the rstored it).
For my story read:
also Nadir Siguencia's story needs attention:

Did you really know what country do you live in?

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