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For whatever good reasons of the past Ontario tax payers fund public (non-denominational) and Catholic schools. Nominally Catholic schools are under the pastoral care of local Roman Catholic hierarchy – as it should be, btye define what it means to be Catholic.
So a Catholic parent/tax payer – in the true sense of the word – can send his child to a Catholic school with the hope that the Catholic value system will be promoted and supported.

Enter the Proud (like in “Pride Parade”) Hog Town ( aka Toronto) Snout - Dalton McGuinty.
He decided that Catholic taxpayers will be now supporting Dalton McGuinty’s Catholicism – by forcing certain anti-Catholic policies on the administration, parents and children.

Totally outrageous – because if Dalton McGuinty wants to develop and support his own brand of Catholicicsm – he should do it for his own money – not the money extorted (by ways of taxing) from Catholic parents.

The Proud Hog Town/Hell Hole Snout – Dalton McGuinty is eager to be processed by the Mother of all Slaughterhouses.
Squeal, squeal, squeal.

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