Devil's Playground - Personal History

Obrazek użytkownika bogdan

This e-mail went to Laurel Broten - MPP Etobicoke-Lakeshore and Dalton McGuinty - the main culprit.

Here we go again. Time for a picnic, photo ops and gladhanding -
August 28th.

But where were you the Right Honorouble when I requested via e-mail and
personal visits a brief appointment with you. Yes - at the TROUGH.

Please study dilligently these links:

Because I will show up with a megafone and ask you the following questions:

1) where is the science proving that homosexual rights are abused in the
Catholic school system?. Apart of the conscience problems they should have
(their practices go against the teaching of their professed religion) their seems
to be no evidence whatsoever.

2) however the Catholics rights are abused because conscience abusing policies
are rammed down their throats?

3) and how about the freedom of religion?

You were a lousy people's representative and I will not mince words to spread
this observation around.

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