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The present US Administration may either state in capital letters, that they have just revised the Yalta agreements, so they are no longer in effect, or they may expect what follows.


As the 73rd anniversary of 1945 German surrender has just passed, there emerges the question of the present United States political will to revise 1943 Teheran, 1945 Yalta and 1945 Potsdam agreements of the Big Three, having resulted in far reaching concessions to Stalin’s Soviet Union.


Far reaching, they have turned out to be, also in temporal sense, to an extent, that we must suffer their consequences literally until the present moment.


Hence the US dilemma today, can be easily defined as their level of reliability from the point of view of such countries as Poland or Romania.


Once the United States decide to keep on assuming, the WWII in Europe came to its end on May the 8th, 1945, then the most earnest Polish supporters of the Polish-American alliance are going to start to ask a simple, logical question: “What’s the use?”


Once the United States decide to keep on assuming, the Big Three agreements of Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam are still in effect, then the most earnest Polish supporters of Poland’s NATO participation are going to reconsider its pros and cons.


They are going to reconsider the issue having in mind the recent United States decisions like:


- rejection of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova NATO aspirations, as NATO denied these countries any Membership Action Plan, which was decided upon during April 2008 Bucharest NATO Summit


- lack of American support for Georgia during 2008 Russo-Georgian war


- for all practical purposes, totally incomprehensible and contrary to any reasonable expectations, 2009 Russian reset by the previous administration


- September the 17th, 2009 US President announcement to drop the plan to build a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe


- American indecisive position towards the 2014 Russian invasion of Crimea and then other Ukraine territories, that lasted until recently


- last but not least, the Russian-staged, successful provocation, deriving benefit from the issue of the S. 447 Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today (JUST) Act of 2017 just signed by Donald Trump - a highly deliberate game, aimed at stirring up US-Polish animosity





If these, who are naturally the most earnest supporters of the Polish-American alliance as prior and paramount, are going to start to come to some dubious conclusions, what could possibly be said about those Poles, who have been from the very beginning, the greatest opponents of Polish membership in NATO (1999), Polish involvement in Afghanistan (2001), Iraq (2003) and Syria (2016) interventions, as well as in other American priority spheres of interests.


Contemporary internal political situation in Poland is - contrary to the official propaganda - far from being stable.


As the 73rd anniversary of 1945 German surrender has just passed, this might be reasonable for the present US Administration to realize, that 2016 Donald Trump victory was by no measure overwhelmingly welcomed with “hallelujah”, even on so called “right”, “conservative” or “anti-communist” side of the Polish political spectrum.


This might also be reasonable for the present US Administration to realize, that at the same time, those political circles in Poland, that have always strongly objected any close Polish-American alliance, as well as their Russian sponsors, are on their path of systematic, exponential growth, on a scale, that has never been experienced since Cold War time.


One more prospect starts to get revealed. If the Jersey City Katyn Memorial is going to be moved even by a quarter of an inch, that will constitute – without any doubt – an unimaginable menace not just to the special Polish-American relations, but to the very issue of the American identity itself.




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